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During the early fall this year my 35 foot Mulberry tree which was ten feet from the house split from gusty winds. The split was around a foot long, about 1/16 thick and the sap was oozing out. I got on the internet looking for someone to take at least half the tree down. Fortunately I called Lumberjacks Tree Service. Justin came over to give an estimate on the work to be done. If I only had half the tree removed there would be too much weight on the side left. The tree had to come down.

Justin’s crew came several days later with a chipper and chain saws. First the tree smaller branches were trimmed off the tree. They were rope tied and pulled away from the house and telephone line. Not a branch touched the house and numerous branches were positioned over the back of the house. Once the medium sized branches were removed the larger parts of the tree were tied and cut in approximately 100 pound weights that were winched down from the tree by rope. Now all that was left was the trunk which was cut in the same manner as the rest of the tree.

All the branches were put through the chipper and taken away. My back yard and driveway was cleared of all saw dust and leaves from the tree.

I was left with two small dents in the lawn from lowering down some large limbs.

Well done Justin, any time you need references please feel free to contact me.

Roy Balechowsky
362 Baldwin Street